Ugh! It’s MONDAY, again!

It’s cold. It’s rainy. It’s Monday.

Got a late and less than amazing, start this morning. Finally made it to work, my laptop wouldn’t turn on. Fiddling with the power cords and monitor cables and…spilled my water bottle, both of them. Cuz, I didn’t cap them, foolishly, in retrospect. After nearly 45 minutes of plugging, unplugging, moping up water (X2!), I’m ready to get to work.

And so much to do…bright side, spicy chicken garbanzo soup is in the slow cooker, I have a light schedule of meetings today, owing to it being Presidents Day, so¬† my goal is to be productive as I can without hurting myself, enjoy a timely lunch of toasted ezequiel bread and avocado, and make it home with time to walk on the treadmill (I would say run, but realistically, I’ll be happy to walk!) before a hot meal with the family.

I hope your Monday is off to a cracking good start!


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